Connecting the Dots in Big Data

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TripleMap allows us to discover the unexpected, connect across our organization and keep track of information as it becomes available. TripleMap has revolutionized our research process and returned its value many times over.

Semantic Data Core Control

  • Driven by powerful "SDC" technology
  • Easily integrate data from internal and external sources
  • Build a high-performance index of entities
  • Index called "Semantic Data Core" (aka SDC), is constantly updating
  • SDC index continuously scans internal and external document & RSS sources

"Big Data" Scalability

  • Advanced compute clustering, dynamic sharding and high-performance indexing technologies
  • Petabyte-scale capacity
  • Built to enable organizations to manage, integrate and make sense of Big Data
  • Can scale as the amount and diversity of data it integrates scales


  • Deploy behind a client organization’s firewall on existing hardware
  • Deploy on servers delivered at the time of installation
  • Can be connected to an organization’s authentication system (e.g. LDAP)
  • Users can use their standard organizational username and password instead of having to remember a new one

Document Integration

  • Enhance the value of an organization’s document repositories
  • Unlock document resources by easily searching documents related to custom maps
  • Integrate with repositories such as Sharepoint TeamSites and Documentum

Web Based Application

  • Runs in all modern web browsers (e.g. IE8/9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera)
  • Runs on all OS platforms (e.g. Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Using TripleMap is as easy as opening a browser
  • No application installations
  • No software update scheduling needed
  • Connector plugins for Sharepoint
  • Powerful "SDC" Technology

Information Scanning

  • Users create “knowledge maps” with TripleMap by interacting with the large-scale SDC integrated data source
  • Updated with information from RSS feeds and external literature sources (e.g. patents, scientific literature sources such as Pubmed)
  • Updated with information from internal sources such as Sharepoint Teamsite documents
  • View alerts when new information about items in maps become available
  • Elect to receive email updates about new information
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TripleMap is a powerful next-knowledge discovery & collaboration software framework which, using advanced proprietary "SDC" technology, enables organizations to integrate/index/search massive interconnected networks of external & internal data.

TripleMap users search, analyze, visualize and collaborate by creating knowledge maps from the interconnected SDC information network.

As a completely data-driven software framework, TripleMap can be applied in any context where integration, exploration & collaboration with structured & unstructured "big data" is valuable including:

  • Biomedical Research
  • Clinical Development
  • Market Research
  • Legal Search
  • Intelligence Analysis

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